About Shanghai Skies
  • A group of friends who share passion for flying and trying to make the best out of available time to get to the air.
  • We are not a formal club and do not offer training or equipment sale, but we can put you in touch with local schools and dealers.
  • Most of us have full time jobs so we mostly fly on the weekends or during holidays.

Shanghai Skies Pilots



I’m from the US and have been in China since 2008.
Started paragliding in 2014. Still learning to fly XC and have recently taken up paramotor.
I love to fly new sites with great scenery such as the Great Wall.
I’m an architect building buildings during the week, and flying on the weekends.
I’ve flown throughout China, Nepal, Italy, Hawaii, and sites in Utah.
I’m currently flying a Nova Mentor 4 Light, and an Ozone Roadster with a Scout Paramotor.



I'm from Poland. Have been in China since 2004. Started paragliding in 2005. Love XC flying and exploring new flying sites in China.
My favorite place to fly in China is in Xian Lantian. Great potential for XC and super friendly atmosphere. I'm a weekend pilot but quite committed and taking any opportunity to get in the air. I flew around China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, Alps. My dream is to break 200km personal best record.
My best flights were in famous Bir where I broke my personal best 147km XC. Australia - Manilla was equally good and the place I started to fly real XC (first 100km flight over the flat lands). I have been flying Nova paragliders from the start and currently have a Nova Mentor 4 Light which is En B class.



I'm from France and have been in China since 2009.
I started paragliding in France before coming to Shanghai but did most of my experience here in China.
I also like to fly XC and particularly with other pilots because I enjoy the collaborative work and support to fly as far as possible.
I fly mostly in China, but also during holidays in France or Australia.
I like to discover new sites and wish to fly in many other countries.
I did my personal best in Manilla, a little bit more than 100km and now looking forward to reaching the 150km.
I've been flying Andvance paragliders from the start and currently fly an Advance Iota.
Before starting paragliding I was looking at my feet, now everyday I look at the sky and beyond. It really changed my life priorities.



I'm from Germany and in China since 2006.
I have learnt paragliding 2003 in Zillertal, Austria and was about to become paragliding instructor before I made the decision to leave my life in Europe behind me and came to work and live in Shanghai.
I am flying Nova gliders ever since I became close friend with the people who stand behind that Austria based brand. Right now it is a Nova Mentor 2.
Flying is very close to my heart - although I haven't had too much airtime in recent years.
It's not easy (ok, I don't make it easy to myself) to combine this sport with my family life, being married and proud father of two amazing children…
Besides being a great sport, paragliding is also an amazing social platform - it connects people who have a story worth sharing and - potentially - became paraglider just because of that.
Always safe landings!