Crispy Fuyang #3 - Feb 25, 25, 2017

The weather was nice and sunny. Mild fog with slightly poor visibility but still offered us another nice weekend in Fuyang. The cold weather was surprisingly manageable.

Both days were thermic active flying conditions. On Saturday, WW took off at around 130pm, disappearing climbing up quickly making it 37km all the way on the classic Tonglu route. The weather forecast showed better conditions for Sunday and we were really hopeful for small XCs. 3 pilots crossed over to the first ridge but it proved to be difficult.

All pilots had nice airtime easily flying above the level of the takeoff and safe landings. Needless to say, we are all really looking forward to more great weekends ahead.

Something to note from this weekend is to always protect your glider with a lazy bag otherwise you may find a hole or two in your glider from the cigarette ash of curious visitors.