Crispy Fuyang - Jan 14th, 2017

It was bit border line looking at the weather forecast - we had strong NE wind coming through. However with sun I was quite hopeful for some good, crispy flights. I jumped on 8am train to Hangzhou, hooked up with Xiao Li and was at the take off at 10am. Chinese New Year madness at the train station already started and I nearly missed the train..

Boy it was cold. Around 11:00 the thermal breeze started to overcome the metro wind and I had two 30 mins scratching flights. Finally at 1pm it was possible to hook into some thermals. I caught a nice - but rough - 3ms thermal in the lee bowl to the left and rode it up to the base - higher up it became smoother and easier. Surprised by how good it was I crossed the valley and connected to another thermal there. Decisions, decisions - maybe it was a Tonglu day but for me it was time to head back to the main valley - one more thermal in the flat and I landed in the main landing.

Couple of slide rides followed and 4pm I was heading back to Hangzhou to catch the train to Shanghai. 7h of transit for 2h of air time - little crazy, but for me it was totally worth it.

Season is starting in Fuyang and some good XC opportinities are coming soon!