Ningbo Wind Mills

This is a dynamic soaring site and works best with south, south east and south west wind.
It's a wild site and locals do not fly there. Landing is improvised on one of the fields at the foot of the hill. Need to be careful of power lines and local lee from small hills nearby.
There are two take offs possible. Lower one (400m) can be reached by car and is just under a wind mill tower. Taking off here requires commitment and a proper breeze to clear the bushes in front. It's also lower than the main ridge so higher risk of bombing out. After taking off and clearing the ridge (and the wind mill), turn right and follow the ridge until the end and try to climb up the spur.
On a good day you can reach 1000m asl or more. But the site is on the flight path to Ningbo airport and air planes are flying pretty low. Stay below 1000 asl.
Second take off is 660m and requires a 200m steep hike through bush and tea plantations. It's a tough climb especially in the heat of the summer. It's on the highest peak and nearby a broken weather station. It's also a wild take off. Steep and bushy. You’ll need to lay out the glider well and ensure lines are clear from bushes. Once in the air you can soar the ridge for hours and enjoy beautiful views of bamboo forests, hills, lakes and tea plantations.

This site requires a good breeze to work well. I believe there are XC possibilities in spring / summer months.

As this wind mill site is not official and completely wild there are no supporting facilities or any kind of rescue. So better hook up with ShanghaiSkies if you want to explore it.


• Both take offs require good skill and commitment.
• Don't fly too close to propellers
• Watch not to be blown behind the ridge, there are no landings for miles behind the main ridge
• There is a large power line to the left, nearby the little temple building. If you cross it ensure you have enough altitude to safely cross it back


  • Here are couple of videos from the site (vpn needed):

  • Pictures:
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