Fuyang Yong An Shan

This is the best established flying site around Shanghai and probably in China. Its located in Zhejiang province in between Fuyang and Tonglu cities.
It takes approximately 3-4h to get there from Shanghai. We normally drive there or take a bullet train to Hangzhou and then have local driver picks us up.
There is a nice, basic hotel at the top of the mountain which is ideal for pilots. Good local restaurant as well.
The area is quite picturesque with bamboo forest hills, lakes, tea plantations. There are many hiking and bicycle riding trails in the nearby mountains.

The site has very well prepared take off which is big enough for ground handling, tandem operation and solo pilots. Only annoyance is the amount of tourists at the take off, especially in warmer months. There is a cafe with basic drinks, coffee and snacks. There is also a club house with paragliding shop there.
Landing is large and relatively easy to manage. Plenty of flags and windsocks.
There are mini vans at the landing which shuttle pilots up to take off for nominal fee.

This is an officially run site and there is a company / club who manages it. At times there is a site fee which needs to be paid (they will find you). Also the club requires to register, have an insurance and licence as well.

Flying is possible the whole year. Best thermic season is starting in March and lasts till September. Best XC months are April, May and Jun. Cloud base and thermal in early spring can be very attractive for XC. Several good flights were accomplished and we believe there is a potential for 100km over the ridges.

Take off faces west, however in this area we hardly ever have west winds. It will work in any meteo wind direction as long as its <10 kmh and we have sun.
Check out Resources for weather forecasts for the site.


  • Quite busy tandem operation. Watch the traffic at the ridge and landing. Don't assume people follow traffic rules.
  • There is a ceiling of 1000m ASL - and its serious. You will see army jets flying scarily low over the site. Respect it please.
  • Top landing - officially not allowed, but people do top land some time - watch the tourists.
  • There are power lines in the valley - so check your landing if you come here for the first time.
  • If you go on XC - watch the landings, they maybe limited in side valleys and always crowded with power lines.


  • Fuyang videos on Vimeo (VPN needed):



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