I'm from Germany and in China since 2006.
I have learnt paragliding 2003 in Zillertal, Austria and was about to become paragliding instructor before I made the decision to leave my life in Europe behind me and came to work and live in Shanghai.
I am flying Nova gliders ever since I became close friend with the people who stand behind that Austria based brand. Right now it is a Nova Mentor 2.
Flying is very close to my heart - although I haven't had too much airtime in recent years.
It's not easy (ok, I don't make it easy to myself) to combine this sport with my family life, being married and proud father of two amazing children…
Besides being a great sport, paragliding is also an amazing social platform - it connects people who have a story worth sharing and - potentially - became paraglider just because of that.
Always safe landings!